future-tech4What is it that will make your PC go faster? Everyone has asked that question and some  scammers even make money out of preying on people who feel that way. The latest answer is … the SSD or Soild State Drive!

Have you had that phone call from someone purporting to be from Microsoft and they have spotted that your PC is going slowly? Yes many people have and they know that everyone thinks their PC is going slowly.

Well the answer used to be, more memory, or maybe a new graphics card, well the latest answer is an SSD hard drive.

SSD’s or Solid State Drives are a new type of disk for storing your data on. The old style hard disk, was just that, a disk(s) or platter(s) that span very fast and used a read head to find your pictures, documents etc. somewhere on the disk. The hard disk by it’s nature was the most liable to failure, using small bearings to almost constantly spin, they were bound to be the first component to wear out. But not only that, no matter how fast it can spin it takes time to access the data, and becomes the lowest common denominator in presenting the data back to you on the screen.

A typical SSD will get your machine up and running in half the time it takes to boot up a PC or laptop with the old SATA HDD, and it can access the data you want to see on the screen up to 4 x fast as your old hard drive.

The draw back is they are currently more expensive, but they are coming down in price,  they are probably roughly 3 x the price of a normal drive, but you can add an SSD and put Windows on it, and put your applications on it, and leave all that music and video on the old HDD for now. Things will still definitely speed up …