PC Maintenance

Does your PC seem to be very slow and take a long time to start up?

We can provide you with a regular or one off PC Maintenance service which will clean up your PC and make it run faster and feel less cluttered.

There have been scam artists out there for a long time conning people by phoning them up and telling them that they have noticed that their PC is running slowly and they think they might have a virus, well it might surprise you that 90% + of people think their PC or Laptop is slow.

When you get a brand new laptop or PC it is unencumbered by all the software and data that has been installed on it, and all the programs that what to load themselves in to your precious memory when it starts up.

And yes that is part of the reason it takes so long to start up, because all those Printer programs, and that music software, that useful toolbar, or that sneaky bit of software that got installed when you updated your version of Flashplayer or downloaded something that looked interesting are either loading up in memory or adding themselves to your browser when you want to browse the Internet.

So give me a call and we will give it a tidy up and get you back up and running smoothly !