Virus Removal

Have you just picked up a nasty virus and don’t know where it came from?

Well you thought you had done all the right things, you had anti virus software installed and you didn’t go on any dodgy websites, so how on earth did you get a virus?

Well it is easy, there are viruses lurking out there in all corners of the worldwideweb (www. yes the internet!) and no matter what security measures you take, viruses can always slip through the net, and I don’t care what claims are made by these huge anti virus software companies, they cannot protect you from everything and they never will.

Viruses are a fact of life for Windows PC and Laptop users and will become just as much of a problem for Android phone and tablet users in the future I am pretty sure.

But there are very few of these viruses that cannot be removed and it is very very rare that permanent and irretrievable damage has been done if you can just take the right approach and use the right tools to remove the problem.

So if you have just been hit by the latest virus and you need some help then just give me a call.